The goal of the Organization Committee is to provide direction, increase funding and encourage involvement in the Olympia Downtown Association.


Stabilize and increase funding


  • Develop budget and budgetary procedures
  • Continue to enhance Downtown Fall Ball fundraiser
  • Maximize Main Street Tax Credit Incentive program contributions
  • Revamp membership campaign
  • City contract
  • Grants
  • Sponsorships

Increase overall community involvement


  • Develop list of potential partners and make available to committees

Improve communication with stakeholders


  • Existing: Website, e-newsletter, Quarterly Meetings, Annual Meeting
  • New ideas: Partner with other organizations

Increase awareness about the organization


  • Put together a short list of talking points about ODA


  • Market a positive image of downtown
  • Develop a facilitated strategic plan
  • Revisit membership chairs
  • Continue to nurture the revamped membership campaign
  • Maximize Main Street Tax Incentive program
  • Add mentoring program for board members
  • Continue to pursue grants
  • Continue to build up cash reserves
  • Create strategic plan

Organization Committee meets the third Thursday of the month at 8:30 am in the New Caldonia Atrium (116 5th Ave SE). For more information contact the Organization Committee Chairs: Jennie Foglia-Jones, Port of Olympia, (360) 528-8005 and Chad Carpenter, Washington Center, (360) 753-8585 ext. 107.