The goal of the Design Committee is to encourage visual improvements through good design and preservation of historic features.


Improve pedestrian-friendly environment


  • Alley lighting
  • Alley beautification
  • Trash/recycling
  • Partner with PBIA (e.g. benches)
  • Market availability of historic walking guides

Develop and begin implementing a plan for visual improvements


  • Repaint/update historic district signs
  • Art banner project (partner with art community)
  • Review existing streetscape plans
  • Develop gateway markers (e.g. Placemaking Arch, Anacortes)

Encourage storefront and building renovation


  • Storefront artist project
  • Partner with city on workshops
  • Develop calendar of maintenance tips

Identify funding sources for design projects


  • Collect information from other communities on incentive programs (e.g. Kennewick’s façade program)
  • Research use of CDBG funds in other communities
  • Partner with Heritage Commission


  • Market a positive image of downtown
  • Historic district signs
  • Free wall education
  • Grants
  • Artesian Well
  • Alley lighting
  • Partnering with PBIA
  • Mural projects
  • Brick pathway to Farmers Market
  • Collect information from other communities on funding resources
  • Historic preservation/education
  • Capital Lake
  • Derelict buildings
  • Transit Center expansion


  • Trash/recycling promotion
  • Review existing streetscape plans
  • Incentive programs
  • Shoreline Master Program
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Historic preservation
  • Emerging Storefront Project

Design Committee meets the second Wednesday of the month at 8:30 am in the New Caldonia Atrium (116 5th Ave SE). For more information contact the Design Committee Chair: Erica Cooper, Orca Construction/Cooper Realty, (360) 491-4580.