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The Washington Center for the Performing Arts

 Saturday, February 4, 2012 at 7:30pm
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“ScrapArtsMusic [skrap-artz-myoo’zik] -noun. 1. An earth-friendly, Vancouver-based company that creates unforgettable percussion performances using kinetic instruments skillfully crafted from industrial scraps. 2. An entertaining contemporary invented instrument ensemble. 3. Five extraordinarily virtuosic and innovative drummers. 4. The result of transforming ‘scrap’ into ‘art’ and ‘arts’ into ‘music’.”

“ScrapArtsMusic delivers intricate rhythms, raw energy, athletic choreography and the hottest – most inventive – reuse of materials on stage today. Started by Gregory Kozak – a percussion virtuoso with a talent for welding, a commitment to recycling and energy to burn, and Justine Murdy – a designer with a passion for spectacle and a head for making things happen, together they are the heart and soul of ScrapArtsMusic.”

“Joined on stage by Spencer Cole, Christa Mercey, Greg Samek and Simon Thomsen (some of the percussion world’s freshest and most adventurous talents!), ScrapArtsMusic excites the senses with intricate rhythms, raw energy, athletic choreography and the greenest – and most inventive – reuse of materials on stage today. With instruments fashioned from industrial scrap and offbeat materials ranging from accordion parts to artillery shells, ScrapArtsMusic’s original music is as visually striking as it is sonically riveting. Audiences from four continents have welcomed this electrifying quintet with unbridled enthusiasm, embracing their intoxicating mix of music, movement and spectacle. Transcending language, culture and age, ScrapArtsMusic offers a highly physical, wildly theatrical and thoroughly entertaining taste of the musical vanguard.”

The Washington Center is dedicated to our mission to deliver diverse, affordable, high-quality performing arts programs. ScrapArtsMusic exemplifies this mission through their commitment to re-purposing what others might consider trash, creating a dynamic and stimulating experience unlike any other. Using recycled materials to create their instruments, this talented group of percussionists melds their artistry and environmental consciousness into one irresistible performance.

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