9 companies doing social media right: tips for your success

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9 companies doing social media right: tips for your success

Presented by Michael Stelzner, Founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner


More than 65 percent of businesses plan to increase their use of main social media platforms. – 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

61 percent of small businesses are landing new business through social media. – Crowdspring

Only 10 percent of small businesses won’t use social media in 2012. – Ad-ology

80 percent of all online Americans use social media. – Nielsen


General social media tips:

  • Share “unrelated” yet interesting content.
  • Share similar content across multiple networks if it makes sense.
  • Give people a reason to share your content.
  • Use a lot of photos on your social channels.
  • Don’t overlook growing mobile users.
  • Use multiple methods to capture leads.
  • Integrate social media into your website.

Facebook tips:

  • Leverage new Timeline functionality.
  • Integrate Facebook into your website.
  • Don’t only focus on Facebook.


  • Claim your business’s page on Google+.
  • Leverage Google+’s picture bar.


  • YouTube is becoming its own platform. Use it to produce user-generated content.


  • Consider creating a community on LinkedIn. You can email them once a week.

9 take home lessons:

  • Social media is a highly visual medium.
  • Showcase your customers.
  • Enable social sharing on all your content.
  • Google+ will impact search results.
  • YouTube is far more advanced than you may realize.
  • Don’t overlook mobile users.
  • Facebook apps add extra function that may keep folks engaged.
  • Try expanding into Google+.
  • Don’t forget about LinkedIn.

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